In this short article we thought it would be helpful to answer some frequently asked questions that people have about visiting our church on a Sunday. 

What is the Sunday Morning Service like?

On Sundays we gather at 10am to explore as a community the relevance of the Bible’s message for our everyday lives.  We also value responding to God’s word through musical worship. Regardless of your current understanding of the Bible we hope to inspire you, challenge you in your thinking and help you take a step forward in your understanding of God’s character and purposes.

We are always excited to have guests visit us, but we won’t single you out, or draw unwelcome attention to your presence with us. We desire to create an environment where people who are investigating Christianity can experience a service with a certain degree of anonymity, if that is their desire. Following the service guests are invited to stay for the free coffee. Guests also have the option of stopping by the welcome center because we would love to meet you.

What about my Children?

Calvary is filled with young families. At Calvary we believe in encouraging families to worship together in our morning service while also providing age-appropriate, Biblical teaching. Children ages Kindergarten to Grade 5 are encouraged to join families for morning worship (2 to 3 songs) before heading to their upstairs classrooms for a fun time of teaching, activities, and crafts. After the service, parents are able to pick their children up from their classrooms upstairs.

For younger children, ages 0 to 2, we offer nursery care in the main floor classrooms. Toddlers and Preschool children have a Sunday school class offered in this location as well. Children of this age-range are encouraged to be checked in by their parents prior to the service beginning.

After 2 or 3 songs of worship in the service, students Grades 6-8 are invited downstairs for an interactive Bible study, engaging activities, and a time to build relationships with other youth. 

Is There a Dress Code?

No. If your outfit can pass at a Burger King, it is fine for our Sunday Morning service. Some people at Calvary prefer to dress formally, whereas others wear outfits that are more leisurely and comfortable.  At Calvary we recognize that God cares more about our attitudes than our outward attire.

Am I expected to give money?

No. We do take an offering on Sunday morning that our members and committed attendees may participate in, but we do not expect guests and visitors to give any money. We are just happy to have you visiting with us!

How do I get connected to people from the church?

Click on this link to discover all of the opportunities for connection that Calvary offers or fill out the connect card below!

Connect Card

Please let us know your name, email, and what brought you to Calvary. We can't wait to get to know you!

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