Calvary Youth (Grades 6-12)


At Calvary Youth we want to give you a space to grow in your faith, make friends, and do some incredible stuff. .  

Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 pm

Missions Stream

In the Missions stream we will focus on: training for Missions, hearing from people on the ground locally and globally, plan fundraisers, and train for our upcoming practical expressions.  

Practical Expressions:  

  • Youth Alpha
  • Summer Missions Discipleship Learning Trip
  • Summer Camps at Calvary
  • Union Gospel Mission

Only Students who are a part of the Missions Stream will be eligible for the Summer Missions Discipleship Learning Trip or for Union Gospel Mission.


This stream offers a chance to learn about and practice leadership. Not only will you: get a say in youth ministry, plan events, make presentations, implement action steps and work as a team, but you will be given the challenge to create in and outside the walls of Calvary.