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Calvary Family, 

Our hearts break for our brothers and sisters across the world. We have all seen harrowing images of the pain that is being experienced by the people of Ukraine and chances are we know someone who has felt the effect. It is easy to feel powerless to offer help - but we know there is more. This conflict seems overwhelming and it is so much scarier than anything we can fathom, but our God is bigger than our fear.

For all the things we cannot see, we have a God who has sees the beginning and the end of time.

For all the things that we cannot control, we have a God who tells the stars when to shine.

For all the things we don't understand, we have a God who is worthy of our trust. 

So let's lift our brothers and sisters up together. 

Tomorrow, March 2nd, 2022, we will take 24 hours to pray along with the world for a Global Day of Prayer. Below you will find some prayer requests to focus on that have come from friends and family living in Ukraine and Russia right now. In the evening, we will come together to participate in an in-person evening of prayer at the church. That event will be at 7pm and will be an opportunity to pray, worship, and intercede corporately. 

If you would like to move one step farther, you may consider fasting for the day. For more information on the spiritual discipline of fasting, please check out this short article from 24/7 Prayer

If you are interested in giving financially, Tearfund Canada has set up a fund dedicated to supporting Ukrainian refugees landing in border nations. Click this link to learn more.