Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat

Join us at beautiful Cedar Springs. This is your time away and there are many ways to refresh your soul.  

Our guest speaker, Melody Metzger, and Pastor Michelle will guide us as we start a conversation together about mental illness:

·  Awareness:  How it affects us and the people we care about.

·  Acceptance: Too often the stigma of mental illness, along with guilt and shame, prevent us (or others) from sharing our struggles. What does Jesus say about our mental health struggles?

·  Strategies: We will hear from Calvary women who will share their story, and we will discuss personal and church-wide strategies.

· Support: How do we move forward in working towards our own mental health and supporting others in theirs?  How do we balance the concept of a God who says that we are not to be anxious about anything, with a God that supports us in our anxiety?  

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